Individual Counselling Agreement

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Individual Counselling Agreement

“A personal and caring, non-judgemental space” 

Alloa Counselling is committed to a high standard of safe and accountable practice.

This agreement is between

Alloa Counselling

Room 3.3
The E Centre
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Confidentiality is an essential aspect of the work carried out on behalf of this service. There are however 4 occasions when we may wish to take advice from other professionals. (1) If there is a danger of serious harm to yourself (2) to another or (3) if you are reporting current or recent child abuse, (4) if you disclose that you or others are involved in any terrorist organisation or activity. We will usually discuss this with your first. The counsellor may also wish to discuss this with a senior member of staff.

Good Practice: All counsellors are required by the BACP & COSCA code of Ethics and Practice, to attend monthly supervision where they discuss their casework. Counsellors always protect clients’ identities when discussing cases, but please feel free to ask more about this when you meet with your counsellor. The service you are receiving will be reviewed with you on a regular basis by your counsellor/therapist. Together you will be able to assess the length of time, within certain constraints that it is appropriate for counselling to continue. This will include reviewing working online or by phone. If we decide that working online or by phone is not a mode of practice that is working, we shall agree to stop until such time as we can have ‘face to face’ counselling.

Professional Development: At any time, a number of our counsellors may be studying for an advanced qualification in counselling. They are, however, considered to have the necessary training and experience to be allocated your case. This will be explained to you when you book your session. If a fully qualified practitioner cannot be present in the service when you are receiving counselling from a student, we will request that you work online or by phone. Other than when the practice manager is on annual leave this should be a very rare event. If you don’t have a safe and secure place to work online or by telephone, we will agree to stop your sessions until such time as you can meet “face to face” with your counsellor. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Record Keeping: We keep details that identify you (name, address, phone number) in a locked cabinet. The notes made at the initial introductory (assessment) appointment, brief on going records your counsellor writes, and a Closing Summary are kept in a separate locked cabinet, in line with BACP guidelines. Those records are identified only by your initials and your code number. Alloa Counselling has a system of open recording with its clients. (Data Protection Act (1998) you have an opportunity to see your records at regular review sessions with your counsellor.

Cancelled Appointments: When entering the counselling process with Alloa Counselling you are agreeing to commit to a working relationship with your counsellor by attending weekly sessions. We ask that you attend regularly and if you are planning a holiday or require to miss a session, you give us as much notice as possible so we can plan around that. By signing this contract you agree to minimise time away from counselling, as this can compromise the counselling process. If you have several missed appointments, you may be asked to stop your sessions and restart your counselling when you feel that you are more able to attend regularly.


If you are cancelling due to covid we request that you endeavour to work online with your counsellor at a time that suits both parties.

Cancelled Appointments: We require 2 working days’ notice from you for cancelled appointments otherwise payment will be due.

Working days are Monday–Friday, 9am to 8pm, not including Bank Holiday.



‣ Please arrive on time and not early as we do not want you having to stand or wait in a communal area.

‣ We want all our clients to feel as safe as possible when visiting our premises.

‣ When you arrive at the counselling room, we will request that you take a temperature test using a non-contact thermometer. This is to ensure that no-one with a temperature and with a risk of the COVID-19 virus uses the rooms. Therefore, you can have confidence that we are doing our very best to keep you safe. If you have a temperature, we will be unable to counsel you and we can either refund the cost of the session to you or put the fee towards a future session. I apologise in advance to anyone that is unable to have counselling due to having a high temperature and hope that you understand our motive is to keep others safe.

‣ Before seating, we will request that you use our hand sanitiser or your own hand sanitiser. If you leave the room and re-enter, you must re-use the sanitiser.

‣ We will as counsellors increase the frequency of our hand washing and surface cleaning of the counselling rooms and waiting room between clients, including frequent touchpoints, with attention to toilets.

‣ By signing this agreement, you are agreeing that you will not make any claims against Alloa Counselling, myself or my colleagues linked to coronavirus.




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Signed, 26/09/2023

Kim Wylie