Privacy Agreement

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Young Person’s Privacy Agreement

“A personal and caring, non-judgemental space” 


Alloa Counselling is committed to
a high standard of safe and accountable practice.


In order to work well with you, we need to hold some personal information about you.

Personal information is any information which could be used to identify you, such as your name address, email address and phone number.

If you are 12 or over you can give us permission to hold this information as long as we need to.

We are very careful with your personal information. It is stored safely and we don't normally share it unless you give us permission. The only time we might have to speak to someone else about you without your permission is if we are really worried about you, worried about someone else or told we have to by the Courts.

We only keep your information as long as we need it or as long as we legally have to.

If you have any questions about why we hold information about you or how it is used, you can get in touch by phone or email, or simply have a chat about it with your counsellor.

If you are happy for Alloa Counselling to hold your personal information and used it as described above, you can let us know by either signing this form and submitting it, or sending us an email from your personal email address saying, “I agree to Alloa Counselling using my personal information as described in the Young Person’s privacy agreement.”

Counsellor signature:

Kim Wylie

Kim Wylie, 16/06/2024